Grinder Comparison Guide


Character: Precision compact grinder
Burrs: 38mm titanium conical burrs
Grind: Stepless grind adjustment
Capacity: ~30g
Weight: 445g

The Aergrind is our original compact coffee grinder. It's machined from anodized aluminium and designed to travel light, being under 17cm in length with a detachable crank arm and wooden knob.

The 2022 upgrade has hardened 38mm titanium treated burrs with more than double the surface strength of stainless steel. They offer reliable and controlled dial-in from Turkish coffee, through espresso & Aeropress and out to v60 and French Press. The Aergrind also packs neatly inside an Aeropress giving you the idea travel brew set up.

The Aergrind should be your choice if you want a compact travel grinder without compromising on grind quality.



Character: The quality all-rounder
Burrs: 38mm titanium conical burrs
Grind: Stepless grind adjustment
Capacity: 35-40g
Weight: 575g

A 2021 redesign of our much-loved classic grinder. The Feldgrind has nearly double the capacity of the more compact Aergrind, beautiful upgraded 38mm titanium nitrided burrs and a larger shaft & bearings for extra durability. This is the no-compromise all-rounder designed for every coffee lover and every brew style.

The tall, slim body means it sits easily in the hand and a longer crank arm and fuller wooden handle makes for smoother, faster grinding. It has a bigger capacity than the Aergrind but is slim enough for perfect grinding anywhere. The infinite adjustment grinding range remains, opening everything from Turkish to Chemex at the turn of a dial.

The Feldgrind should be your choice if you want an everyday driver for higher volumes and greater durability than the Aergrind, or a slimmer profile and more portability that the Feld47.


2023 Feld47

2023 Feld47

Character: Ultimate home barista
Burrs: 47mm titanium conical burrs
Grind: Stepless, fixed crank arm grind adjustment
Capacity: 44-47g
Weight: 755g

The full range home barista specialist. The Feld47 works brilliantly at espresso grind range all the way through to French press. Dialling in with bigger burrs means finer control.

Using commercial-grade 47mm titanium burrs means you get a wider and more finely controlled range of adjustment, particularly important at espresso. The larger surface area means faster, even more consistent grinding right through to French press. Like our other models, the Feld47 comes with a beautiful, walnut knob for a comfortable fit in the hand and, combined with the rigid, fixed crank arm makes for our smoothest grind available.

The Feld47 should be your choice if you want our smoothest grind, strongest burrs and widest grinding range at espresso.