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With a 38mm burr set with top dial adjustment and most importantly the grind quality inherited from our class leading Feldgrind, the Aergrind is provided in a compact size, designed to fit inside the Aeropress.

As with all our grinders it features a single piece precision machined body, made from high grade aluminium and paired ball bearing sets (2x2) for both shaft and knob.

Our custom treatment of the burrs makes the surface hardness of the metal up to 85% stronger than stainless steel. This ceramic case hardening process is not a coating, but a treatment that changes the composition of the surface layer of the steel and is known for its supreme durability.

The ultimate compact travel grinder, the Aergrind can grind excellently for Ibrik/Cevze style coffee, all the way through espresso, filter and for French press.

390g in weight

capacity 22-27g depending on bean varietal, roast profile etc.

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