KNOCK & Conyryn Ltd


KNOCK & Conyryn Ltd

Across the Summer & Autumn of 2023, after several years of difficult trading conditions post Brexit and Pandemic, the KNOCK brand & its range of grinders and coffee equipment came to the ownership of Conyryn Ltd, a company wholly owned by Peter Kilpatrick, one of the founding partners of the original Knock Products Ltd.    

Working with members of the original team, Conyryn is continuing production of  Knock grinders in Edinburgh, with parts made by the same machinists and suppliers who helped make the Aergrind, Feldgrind and Feld47 the great everyday coffee tools they are renown to be.

After a period of transition, Conyryn Ltd, alongside providing full warranty service on its own sales, has also undertaken wherever possible to provide the support and warranty backup that came with Knock products prior to this acquisition. 

Please note: the current team is smaller than of recent years and some service work may be limited in availability at certain peak periods, but the intention is to keep support available as much as possible for the 10s of 1000s of Knock grinders and customers worldwide from over a decade of manufacture. 


Peter Kilpatrick

Managing Director Conyryn Ltd & Co-Founder of Knock
Peter's background in arts sponsorship & teaching brought him & his young family to Edinburgh more than 20 years ago. A long standing coffee obsession hit the next level when he teamed up with Knock co-founder Uwe Stein in 2010, as they designed and produced the first Knocktop knock out box, quickly followed by tampers, mats and then their first grinder, the much loved Hausgrind. Away from Knock, Peter spends far too much time at Fencing competitions across the UK and Internationally supporting the GB & Scotland foil squads. Getting back to bike touring and bikepacking is the next big aim!
Favourite brew methods - at home, Feld47 & '86 Olympia Cremina; on the road Aergrind & Aeropress.
Lewis Almond
Production & Quality Management
Surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding - if there is a way to throw yourself around/break bones with gravity or water Lewis probably has a scar from it. Joining Knock at the birth of the Aergrind, Lewis has been instrumental in ensuring Knock's products are built to his exacting standards.  
Favourite brew methods: at home Feldgrind & La Pavoni; in the van or on the beach Feldgrind and mokka pot.