Resellers & Wholesale Contact

Our products are available via a select group of trusted UK and international retail partners.


Edinburgh Cult Espresso
Edinburgh Machina Coffee
Edinburgh Obadiah Coffee 
Glasgow Dear Green
Glasgow Godshot Studio



Australia Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co.
Australia Alternative Brewing
Belgium Wide Awake Coffee
Belgium MOK Coffee
Czech Republic Rebelbean
Canada Cafuné Boutique
Canada Ethica Coffee Roasters
France Belco
Germany The Barn
Germany Moka Consorten
Germany Passenger
Germany Schneid Kaffee
Germany Suuapinga
Netherlands Evermore
Norway Kaffebox
Poland Konesso
Singapore Percolate
Switzerland KaffeeWerkStadt
Taiwan Two Third
Thailand Beans Here
Turkey Dems Coffee
USA Black Fox
USA Prima Coffee Equipment
USA Rojo's Roastery


Become A Knock Reseller

We are always looking for retail partners with a strong local, national retail or web presence who can help get Knock products in to the hands of coffee lovers everywhere.

If you're interested in becoming a Knock reseller or would like more information or pricing then please email and we'll be happy to chat.