Feld47 Titanium Burr
Feld47 Titanium Burr
Feld47 Titanium Burr

Feld47 Titanium Burr

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While retaining the bearing strength, shaft stability and capacity that makes the classic Feld47 our top of the range model, we’ve pushed things even further with gold titanium nitrided Italian burrs for a faster, cleaner and an even smoother grinding experience with a burr hardness that is off the scale. Literally. Scoring >84+ on the Rockwell C hardness scale makes these burrs the strongest we have ever offered.

As a finishing touch, we've also added a beautiful hand-turned walnut wood handle for a smooth feel and natural finish. For those of you who still prefer all-metal, you can select the classic aluminium handle under 'handle type' at the top of the page.

Weight - 890g

Dimensions - 18cm tall x 6cm wide

To learn about the key differences between our grinders, read our Grinder Comparison Guide. You can also check out our handy set up instructions video:

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