Feldgrind Spares

Feldgrind Spares

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Feldgrind Metal Lid

£15 inc VAT

Anodised from the same machined aluminium as the Feldgrind body.

NB This lid is designed to fit the Feld2 model onward (single piece machined upper body) and will not fit not the original Feldgrind (two part upper body).

Feldgrind Crank Arm

£20 inc VAT

A replacement Feldgrind crank arm. The Classic design in stainless steel with double sealed ball bearings and your choice of either a walnut wood or aluminium knob.

NB this crank arm is based on our original classic designed to fit all models of Feldgrind (except the Honed) and in its aluminium form comes with a larger knob than the early models . Over the years, minor variations in production tolerances mean that you may need to slightly file the crank arm's D-hole to get an exact fit for your personal model's shaft.

Feldgrind O-rings Set

£4.80 inc VAT

Set of replacement o-rings as supplied with the original purchase. Use these to refresh the close fit of your grinder's catch cup and when the shaft o-ring is beginning to lose resistance under grinding load.

Feldgrind Shaft Bearing Set

£10.00 inc VAT

Set of replacement shaft bearings  - custom made, steel sealed thrust bearings with foodgrade bearing grease. Use these to refresh your grinder's smooth grinding action.