Feld47 Spares

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Feld47 Metal Lid

£15.00 (inc VAT)

Made in the UK from the same anodized aluminium as our grinders.

Feld47 Crank Arm

£25.00 (inc VAT)

A replacement Feld47 crank arm. Classic design in stainless steel with double sealed ball bearings and hand turned walnut wood knob.

Feld47 Rubber Crank Arm Band

£5.00 (inc VAT) 

A holder for the crank arm that will fit around Aergrind, Feld47 and Feldgrind models.

Feld47 O-rings Set

£4.80 (inc VAT)

Set of replacement o-rings as supplied with the original purchase. Use these to refresh the fit of the lower tube and if the shaft o-ring is beginning to lose resistance under grinding load.

Feld47 Bearings Set

£10.00 (inc VAT)

Set of replacement shaft bearings  - custom made, steel sealed thrust bearings with food-grade bearing grease. Use these to refresh your grinder's smooth grinding action.