DECADE 585 Walnut Wood Tamper

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Beautifully balanced and finished, the DECADE 585 tamper is a showcase for the fine touch of our machinists and the wonderful work of our specialist wood turners. Created to celebrate our 10th anniversary, the DECADE 585 comes in 3 oiled wood finishes: Walnut, Olive, and Zebrano. This is the Walnut Wood version.

The DECADE is the ideal partner for high tolerance VST & IMS Filtri baskets with a sidewall that has been worked to match the ideal depth for the basket's dose range.

The design draws on our 2015 anniversary 586 special edition and our original Campden tamper handles premiered in our first London Coffee Festival, back in 2013.

Weighing between 344g and 355g depending on choice of wood and with a 316 Marine grade stainless steel, our tampers are a VST matched 58.55mm diameter with a R0.15 finish to provide maximum edge to edge pressure.