Aergrind (2022) Spares

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Choose from two levels of cost effective service kit; a simple spares kit with replacement rubber parts and a comprehensive care kit including bearings, bands and o-ring removal pick. Now you can upscale your new Aergrind's grip with a walnut Classic knob and replacement crank arm and knob.

Care Kit - £17.00 (ex VAT)

The complete care kit for your Aergrind. Includes:

  • 2 x shaft o-rings
  • 2 x shaft bearings
  • o-ring removal pick
  • spare black and orange Aergrind bands
  • crank arm band

Spares Kit - £8.50 (ex VAT)

A simple rubber spares kit including

  • spare o-rings
  • 2 x rubber bands
  • crank arm band

Classic Knob - £13 (ex VAT)

A Classic knob made for the Aergrind gives a larger grip for easier control, especially for lighter roasts. With the same magnetic mount as our compact knob this can be swapped out for all Aergrinds made since our 2022 upgrade. Crank arm not included - not compatible with plastic knob crank arms.

2022 Aergrind Crank Arm & Knob - £25.00 (ex VAT)

A replacement crank arm for the 2022 Aergrind featuring a thicker 3mm profile and a hand turned walnut knob and brass collar. Alternatively, give your older model Aergrind a new lease of life with a crank arm upgrade!

* Please Note Brush pictured in sets is not included due to supplyside issues. 

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