Compact Grinder Brush

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Custom made for Knock by one of Europe's leading brush makers, this singular compact brush is made from sustainably sourced European beech wood and natural bristle. Beautifully functional and very simple, it is just the tool for holding in your travel kit to keep your Knock grinder whistle clean. 

Most importantly the natural materials and the fact that it is handmade by skilled tradespeople with years of experience behind them, makes the important point that there's really no such thing as a free brush.

Produced by an internationally renowned family business who have been making all manner of brushes and brooms since the 1930s, this petite, handmade tool is the antithesis of the throwaway plastic nylon brushes that we could so easily have ordered in to tick-box our "what's included" offering. This kind of approach takes no responsibility for the long-term "pay later" cost of such apparently throw-away products. 

Instead, we found partners who care about their products as much as we do, and who simply make beautiful, sustainable, everyday-use tools.  
Technical info:
Dimensions: L 75mm x W 14mm x H 6mm
Weight: 5g (unpacked)