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Aergrind Spares

Aergrind Spares

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Metal lid for the Aergrind

£12 (inc VAT)

Made in the UK from the same anodized aluminium as the Aergrind's body, it has sprung ball retention which is adjustable with a 1.5mm hex key. The over all aesthetic & material improvements are in keeping with the rest of the Aergrind's solid build. The thicker knurled edge makes for more comfortable adjustment and the white numerals are more easily visible.

Aergrind Crank Arm

£16.80 (inc VAT)

A replacement Aergrind crank arm also suitable for the Aerspeed. Classic bottle opener pointer design in stainless steel with double sealed ball bearings and nylon handle.

Aergrind O-rings set

£4.80 (inc VAT)

Set of replacement o-rings as supplied with both the Aergrind and Aerspeed. Use these to refresh the close fit of your grinder's catch cup and when the shaft o-ring is beginning to lose resistance under grinding load.

Aergrind shaft bearings (includes O-rings set)

£10.00 (inc VAT)

A pair of food-grade bearings for the Aergrind and a full set of o-rings. When replacing the shaft o-rings there is a strong chance that you will need to sacrifice the shaft o-ring, so a full set is included for convenience.

Crank Arm Band

£6.00 (inc VAT)

Custom made rubber band with crank arm loop. Suitable for holding the crank arms of our travel grinders to the body of the grinder or for stashing the crank arm on something round, like an Aeropress. (Fits all models of Feldgrind, Feldwood, Feldfarb & Feld47).