Obadiah Coffee - Brazil, Daterra

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Coffee Info

  • Location: Cerrado, Brazil
  • Varietals: Mixed
  • Process: Natural
  • Weight: 250g
  • Roast: Omni


Coffee Description

This is what Obadiah have to say: Daterra's sublime natural by the Pascaol family showcases ripe fruit & a mellow citrus acidity, representing the best of Cerrado.

Daterra is a farm that seems to continually be at the forefront of innovation in Brazil and is renowned for its high quality lots. We have been looking forward to working with Daterra for a while now, and to start we have selected a lot from Daterra’s classic range.

The Pascoal family are pushing boundaries in many aspects of coffee production, much of which we will share with you as we begin to explore the vast range of coffees they export. This lot from their classic range is complex and layered, perfectly kickstarting our offering from the Pascoal’s farm, Daterra.