Meet The Knock Team


Knock was formed in 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland by friends Peter Kilpatrick and Dr. Uwe Stein where a shared passion for coffee, design and engineering led to the establishment of a small business offering a range of precision, handmade coffee tools. Working with local machinists and wood tuners it wasn’t long before their range of commercial grade coffee tampers were seen in the hands of baristas in many specialty coffee bars across the UK.

In 2013, a long-planned move to manual coffee grinders followed. This is where the class-leading Hausgrind and Feldgrind models first became known and quickly earned a reputation as one of the best built and most innovative hand grinders in the market. In 2017 the Aergrind was born, going on to become one of the best quality and well-known compact coffee grinders in the world.

Fast forward to 2022 and the company has grown to a team of dedicated coffee professionals working hard to develop, design and build high quality coffee grinders and coffee accessories that are prized worldwide for their consistency, durability and value. Everything is still designed and hand built in Edinburgh.

Uwe Stein,

Technical Director & Co-founder

With 30 years experience in industrial manufacture and design of everything from wind turbines to transmission systems to commercial drones, Uwe arrived to study from his native Germany in 1995, gained his doctorate from Edinburgh University and has lived, worked and taught in Scotland's capital ever since. Sharing a coffee obsession with his Portobello neighbour Peter, they set up Knock together in 2010 while raising their respective young families. A keen sailor, Uwe enjoys open ocean sailing and exploring the amazing remote coastal waters of Scotland and beyond.
Favourite brew methods: at home Hausgrind & Espresso; outdoors, a Kelly kettle, portable filter and an Aergrind (preferably on a remote Scottish beach)
Peter Kilpatrick
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Peter's background in arts sponsorship & teaching brought him & his young family to Edinburgh more than 20 years ago. A long standing coffee obsession hit the next level when he teamed up with Uwe to start Knock in 2010, as they designed and produced the first Knocktop knock out box, quickly followed by tampers, mats and then their first grinder, the much loved Hausgrind. Away from Knock, Peter spends far too much time at Fencing competitions across the UK and Internationally supporting the GB & Scotland foil squads. Getting back to bike touring and bikepacking is the next big aim!
Favourite brew methods - at home, Feld47 & '86 Olympia Cremina; on the road Aergrind & Aeropress.
Jakub Krejci
Senior Production Manager & Quality Control
Since 2015, Jakub has been the mainstay of Knock's production, working on early iterations of the Feldgrind and the launch of the Aergrind. His big interests include motorsports and both football and ice hockey, particularly wherever the national team is playing! A former paramedic, when he arrived Jakub was the token tea drinker in the firm (there's always one!) but he has developed a love of coffee to match his pride in his work and his passion for detail.
Favourite brew methods: at home and at work, everything espresso. Away; Wacaco press.
Lewis Almond
Production & Quality Management
Surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding - if there is a way to throw yourself around/break bones with gravity or water Lewis probably has a scar from it. Joining Knock at the birth of the Aergrind, Lewis has been instrumental in ensuring Knock's products are built to his exacting standards.  
Favourite brew methods: at home Feldgrind & La Pavoni; in the van or on the beach Feldgrind and mokka pot.
Rob Menzies
Wholesale & Marketing
Rob joined Knock for Christmas 2020 bringing a wealth of experience and coffee knowledge from 15 years of working in the industry at almost every level. Meticulously groomed, well-travelled and relentlessly customer focused, Rob secretly plays golf now that his dreams of leading Hibs to glory have taken a back seat. 
Favourite brew methods: at home 2016 Feldgrind & Wilfa Brewer (V60 away).
David Arias
Engineering Intern
David, a 4th year engineering Master's student at Edinburgh University, has joined Knock as an intern for the next 6 months. A big fan of Formula 1 and Real Madrid, David will be working on some exciting new projects for Knock for 2022 and beyond. 
Sadly, a traumatic early experience of his native Spain's Torrefacto roasting process has left David unable to drink coffee. Our work to heal this socially crippling condition continues - we remain hopeful of a full recovery in the coming months.